Hi, my name is Peter Amende and I’m a designer based in Berlin. For the most part I design apps for iOS, Android and OS X that are often shown on Dribbble. Usually I work full-time as a senior product designer in small and cross-functional agile teams. We build and maintain web- and mobile apps that are used by millions of users. In my spare time I work on open source projects you can find on GitHub. My skills range from user research and design thinking over visual design and prototyping to technical implementation. Want more info? Say Hi.


Together with Rafif Yalda we built the most beautiful Instagram app for Mac. It comes with a lean design that focuses on the images and keeps the social functions in the background, while being still one of the most functional third-party clients. In addition we built a browser extension for Safari and Chrome.

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My latest theme for the blogging platform Ghost. It's open source, has some rad AJAX loading transitions and comes with a clean but interesting magazine like design.

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At Motor-Talk, a german speaking automotive community with some million users, we built the first Android and iOS app together with a new API for their forum.

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The second theme I built for Ghost comes with a simple but quite elegant blog layout with lots of details in baselines and formatings for a great reading experience.

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A free open source Android app I built with Phillip Thelen and Tim Nowaczynski that shows Berlin students the weekly menu of their cafeteria.

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A free SoundCloud app for Mac with over 150k downloads I worked on with Philip Brechler. It's still in development and open source.

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